Our Story

Redwoods exists to build a community to educate people about crypto investing through courses, coaching, and masterminds.


When you join our community, you’ll not only have immediate access to the world’s best and brightest when it comes to investing in crypto.

You’ll also experience a culture that exemplifies our core values:


We participate and play full out


We always seek to be better, think bigger and be ready for the future


We deliver our best effort, every single time

Our Story

Why are we called Redwoods?

Redwoods are the tallest and oldest trees on Earth. However, they have shallow roots. The reason why they are able to stand tall is because their roots are intertwined with and support each other.

At Redwoods, you get first class instruction from experts in the field. We stand tall together by learning, growing, and collectively sharing.

Redwoods not only survive forest fires but thrive in their presence. Their bark is magnificent. With up to 2 feet in depth and a spongy consistency it protects the tree trunk from forest fires. Furthermore, the Redwood seeds actually thrive in the face of fire. When other trees have burnt to ash, the new Redwood shoots use the surrounding ash as fertilizer.

While the cryptocurrency market is in a bull market as of this writing, it will not always be this way. The market will experience a massive correction, one in which we will need to be prepared for. In order to withstand such a drawdown, our portfolio needs to not only survive but thrive.

This is why we are called Redwoods.
We are designed to thrive in any market condition. We thrive in the face of fire. Participating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is much more than creating wealth. It is about having ultimate financial freedom. It is about growth and contribution. It is about learning, growing, and being stronger together.
Redwoods Story