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Courses & Content

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We’re PROUD To Support You On Your Journey To FINANCIAL FREEDOM

We understand that for many, the world of crypto can seem completely foreign and intimidating at first. And yet, you’re taking bold steps to research the potential for creating wealth through crypto.

You are someone who is:

  • Saying yes to new opportunities
  • Wanting to create and achieve success
  • Gaining the knowledge and skillset managing crypto
  • Designing a life of freedom

We want you to know that we see you – and we think what you’re doing is pretty incredible.

At Redwoods, we simply exist to serve you, and every member in our community by creating the very best crypto tools, training and community to accelerate your path to success.

See, we understand that when our members receive the support and crypto education that enables them to do their best.

That’s our ultimate goal.

Enhance Your Crypto Knowledge Through Our Full Suite Of Products And Services

Members-Only Masterminds
  • Learn directly from our founder and our resident Thought Leader! Get exclusive, high-level access to VJ Anma live on a weekly basis, where you can get your specific questions answered.
  • Be surrounded by other like-minded leaders who want to achieve the highest returns possible.
  • Enjoy exclusive members-only benefits, and get access to new information and opportunities before anyone else.
Elite Group Coaching
  • Want a dedicated Coach?
    Get an extra level of mentorship so you can take what you’re learning from the content, and close the knowing vs. doing gap, and have the ability to ask your Coach anything at all.
  • Want to BE a Coach?
    Take your leadership in the community to the next level, and become a coach, where you can share your knowledge, and serve a segment of our community that seeks weekly community style learning sessions!
Crypto Insider Secrets Course
  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about investing in crypto through our step-by-step, simplified training courses.
  • Access comprehensive and highly-engaging content that breaks down virtually unknown crypto strategies into easy-to-learn trainings, and is designed to transform you from “new to crypto” to “crypto confident”.
Premium Subscription Content
  • Receive monthly up-to-date crypto opportunities, so you remain “in the know” and can make data-driven investment decisions
  • Access the highest-quality crypto information that has been carefully researched and vetted so you can feel confident making informed investment decisions.
Live Webinars
  • Reach a level of crypto-mastery that sets you apart from everyone else, so you can achieve the greatest return on your investment for your time, and talent.
  • Access an entire library of up-to-date courses so you can Master the New Era of Money!
Immersive Impact Events

Redwoods offers both small and large scale events that you will never forget:

  • Bootcamp-style training days – Experience a hyper-accelerated training that takes you from “brand new” to understanding how to implement KEY crypto strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Large scale events – Fully immerse yourself in our multi-day events, where you’ll not only learn in-depth crypto strategies, but connect, learn from, and create relationships with others in the community.


Dominic H

"VJ ended up being one of my saving graces in the space because the guy's got an innate ability to understand where the space is and where the space is going."


Mathieu A

"In just over two months, I feel very comfortable in doing trades, doing research, and understanding the investments we’re making, and also managing the former."

Marta P

"I have gained so much knowledge around crypto that I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own."


"In just 60 short days, I’ve done two things. One is I’ve increased my knowledge and then I’ve also performed those transactions and I have the confidence to perform those transactions."


"Less than 3 months, and the transformation within my knowledge, emotions, market psychology, my ability to make decisions and evaluate crypto has just been a huge difference."

Dareck M

"I knew nothing about crypto the education has just been invaluable. The level of knowledge that I’ve gotten in a short period of time is absolutely amazing."

Kent J

"If I knew then what I know now, I would have done this years ago. VJ and his incredible team cover everything you need to know."

Lei F

"Access to VJ’s expertise, the group’s knowledge and support, and even the exclusive research findings make a difference. My life has really changed. I’m part of a trusted community who have my best interest at heart."

How are we able to provide such valuable information?


through VJ, our community Founder and Thought Leader.


VJ’s brilliance is found at the intersection of technology and investing. He graduated from the prestigious Singularity University in 2009 where he co-founded Get Around, the “Uber for cars”. In 2012, he bought his first Bitcoin at just $12. He became passionate about the problems blockchain technology could solve, and dove deep into the technology. To solve his own pain point, he created software for automating crypto accounting and taxes which he sold to Ernst & Young in 2018.

Today, VJ is one of the foremost authorities in the industry, and launched his own SEC-regulated digital asset hedge fund. VJ has made many successful investments in the cryptocurrency space. Some of those investments include:

    $ THETA

    7842% ROI

  • CAKE
    $ CAKE

    16,704% ROI

  • DGB
    $ DGB

    19,683% ROI

  • many more
    And many more….

He has generously created a way to share his vast knowledge and crypto expertise through Redwoods. His primary goal is for every community member to achieve their definition of financial success.

For VJ, wealth is a mindset that includes an element of sharing his knowledge and strategies with others. He is committed to educating one million crypto millionaires. While he has made massive leaps financially for himself and others, his main passion is giving back to make this world a better place.

At Redwoods, we believe that if we can equip you with the knowledge you need to achieve financial freedom with crypto, something even greater will happen as a result. You’ll have the ability to profoundly impact the world in your own special, unique way.

This is what Redwoods is all about.

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